Access Control

Installation of networked solutions, Keypads, Biometric Access Control

Security Access Control is an essential part of any Security infrastructure. To put it simply, Access Control helps ensure that only authorized individuals can enter a home or business - and that non-authorized individuals are shut out. Many Access Control Systems these days are electronic - involving the input of custom numerical codes, which allow for a room’s door to be unlocked.

Pointer Security are experts at providing security solutions for even the most demanding and technically complex contexts. Our integrated Access Control solutions allow home or business owners complete, fully managed control of locks and camera monitoring over the internet. It’s the perfect mobile management package - providing unified remote control solutions, even for multiple locations - that can even be entire oceans away.

We offer a full range of Access Control technology including networked solutions, keypad coding, biometric access control by fingerprinting, and keycard/fob access control - with options for full levels of custom designed access control.

Unified, synergistic home or business access solutions

Pointer Security provides Access Control solutions including:

  • Web/Cloud based networked solutions - control via smartphone
  • Keypad Access Control
  • Key card and fob Proximity Access Control
  • Gated / Turnstile Access Control Systems

Unified, synergistic, integrated home or business access solutions

Our specialty is providing unified solutions that offer the maximum amount of flexibility to home and business owners - where each aspect of your property's access control is in synergetic communication, “speaking to each other.” Our enterprise level Access Control systems are easy to manage through a web-based interface , and can be integrated through multiple locations even in different countries. Our access control systems can be synthesized into complete security plans that includes together important systems like electronic locks, security cameras, lighting, heating, cooling, and intercoms. By synthesizing all these aspects together, you have a comprehensive and complete system for running your property.

Pointer Security is proud to offer Access Control technology from the most current industry leaders, including:

  • Axis
  • Keyscan
  • Isonas
  • Rosslare
  • Keri
  • Hartmann Controls
  • S2
  • Open Options
  • And many more!

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