Commercial Industry

Commercial and industrial locations require a great deal of security infrastructure to run smoothly. From alarms and security cameras, to full access control systems, our security applications can be used in offices, elevators, equipment rooms, parking lots, manufacturing spaces, and server rooms.



Government facilities like city halls, courtrooms, and legislatures hold many functions - including conferences, debates, meetings, voting sessions, and many more. All these facilities require security infrastructure that guarantees the safety of all employees and visitors -including conference systems, video surveillance, alarm and evacuation systems, and methods for detecting intrusion or malicious attacks.


Management & Construction C.O

Construction sites come with their own range of security concerns - making the upholding of a strong security infrastructure that includes job site surveillance, fences and locks, intrusion detecting, identification and record keeping systems, and alarms completely necessary for the safety of all those on site, as well as the assets being constructed.



Educational organizations have special requirements for security, fire prevention, and communication systems. The fact that many university campuses are open to the public creates a unique set of risks. This includes access control for visitors, staff, and students, video surveillance, intrusion detection, intercoms, alarms, and fire detection systems. These systems come in a comprehensive package that covers the basic security needs of any educational institution.



Hospitals and medical facilities require unique forms of protection from theft and internal misuse of classified records and expensive equipment. A professionally protected medical facility will have physical and electronic access control to restrict access to areas or records, alarm systems, constant video surveillance, fire detectors, alarm systems, and of course the ability to manage all these features externally through a web based client.


Media & Entertainment

Media and entertainment facilities carry their own unique set of security risks - whether they be sporting or music venues, television stations, theme parks, museums, or awards ceremony locations. The full range of necessary security infrastructure include crowd and traffic control, ID and access control management, threat assessment, security camera surveillance, technology protection, and alarm systems.



Retail locations have specific security needs that can be encompassed in a comprehensive infrastructural plan. These necessary aspects of security include employee access control, video surveillance systems, customer data protection, burglary defense, security tag tensors, fire detection systems, shoplifting protection, and alarms.



Financial institutions carry a massive amount of assets, and require a great deal of thorough security infrastructure in order to protect these assets. Security solutions for banks and other financial institutions include video surveillance, intrusion detection, electronic / biometric access control, keyless entry systems, silent alarm systems, panic and hold up devices, and centralized, web-based management system.



Hospitality facilities, by their very nature, are high-traffic, and require a thorough range of security infrastructure in order to stay secure and safe for employees and visitors. From security cameras and video analytics, to access control, employee ID badge management, and alarm systems - all aspects of hotel security need to be able to get controlled through a centralized, web based management system.



When it comes to one's home or apartment, the safety of your family, property, and livelihood are of primary importance. Every home deserves a dedicated security system that includes intrusion detection, window and door alarms, external video surveillance, fire detection, and a fully wired and integrated alarm system.

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