Get to Know Us

Pointer Security is a full service security company that provides innovative system design - and together with our Locksmith and Automation systems departments we create fully integrated systems installation for a complete functional security package. We build Pointer Security from the ground up on basic foundations of professionalism, Attention to detail, integrity and warm customer service. We invest time and effort in training our technicians with the newest updated technology in the security systems field. We take our business very seriously and use only the best high quality systems with very competitive prices.

We service a wide array of clients in different industries.

for us, every project is unique and every client is important, we are committed to excellence and our client’s satisfaction with the integrated security package we develop for their home or commercial infrastructure.

We pride ourselves on our ability to find integrated solutions for the most complex and demanding situations by thinking outside the box, and crafting personalized solutions. At Pointer Security, we maintain a steadfast commitment to achieving excellent, unparalleled levels of service - and are always dedicated to the extreme satisfaction of our client.

Best regards,

Roi Kalimi, President, Pointer Security.

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